Auxiliary Blog: A remote hand OR an interactive platform

An Auxiliary Blog of your website is like deploying a fully fledged platform to interact with rest of world, particularly building rapport with your audience.

So, How does it help ?

Have you ever felt a communication gap with you audience ? Lack of medium between you and the end user using your product and services ? If you ever ever have, I can bet you might have at least once in a while, then you must go for this. Your customers can’t post their views or share their experiences on your website. Even if they have a sour incident to share, this will help you plug the holes in your system.

Develop Loyal Customers and Loyal Business Climate:


When your company has an interactive platform, you can have your staff, friends or anyone including your audience share a common platform. Sharing views on a blog could be like having tea / coffee with your friends in the evening or even make you feel better.

How much does it cost ?

It does not cost fortune for sure, as for one time development of a 500 word offsite blog we charge about $20, this includes promotion and backlinks. As for larger blogs, depending on the content, offsite or onsite, it can cost up to $500 pm

 What is Blog? A blog (also referred to as a blog) is a website that has entries that appear in reverse chronological order (also called postal mail) that appear in the most recent entry (similar to a log file). Blogs often include features such as comments and links to improve user interaction. Blogs are built using specific publishing software.

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