Auxiliary Blog: A remote hand OR an interactive platform

An Auxiliary Blog of your website is like deploying a fully fledged platform to interact with rest of world, particularly building rapport with your audience.

So, How does it help ?

Have you ever felt a communication gap with you audience ? Lack of medium between you and the end user using your product and services ? If you ever ever have, I can bet you might have at least once in a while, then you must go for this. Your customers can’t post their views or share their experiences on your website. Even if they have a sour incident to share, this will help you plug the holes in your system.

Develop Loyal Customers and Loyal Business Climate:


When your company has an interactive platform, you can have your staff, friends or anyone including your audience share a common platform. Sharing views on a blog could be like having tea / coffee with your friends in the evening or even make you feel better.

How much does it cost ?

It does not cost fortune for sure, as for one time development of a 500 word offsite blog we charge about $20, this includes promotion and backlinks. As for larger blogs, depending on the content, offsite or onsite, it can cost up to $500 pm

 What is Blog? A blog (also referred to as a blog) is a website that has entries that appear in reverse chronological order (also called postal mail) that appear in the most recent entry (similar to a log file). Blogs often include features such as comments and links to improve user interaction. Blogs are built using specific publishing software.

Natural One Way Link Building

We specialize in natural and one way inward link building techniques and we have a very solid reason to say so. We have custom built software run manually by hands to submit a link to Directories, Article Directories, Search Engines, Link Pages, Community Websites, Blogs etc. using 100% ethical White Hat SEO techniques.

Our link building campaigns cover below methodologies in order to build neat & clean, ethical white and natural links towards your website:

One Way links from Directories:

Link Directories

Although links from directories is not admired by every SEO expert, yet it adds up to the backlink wealth you own and is not considered a bad practice. At IT-INDIA, we can submit your link to 2,500+ directories manually.

One Way Natural Text Links from Articles:

This is one of the most admirable methods in order to get one way links from top PR websites. We can write keyword rich theme based articles for you, which will have full ambience of latent semantic environment bringing you visitors and buyers alike. Our article services include $15 per article of 1000 words and additional $5 for each manual submission.

One Way True Natural Links from Auxiliary Blogs:

Auxiliary Blogs

From Auxiliary blogs, we mean to refer to the blogs we can develop and promote in line with your website. These blogs will act as auxiliary input device giving your audience a full liberty to express their views and even share and discuss pre-sales queries etc. We charge about $50 – $250 for one blog, depending on the content, this includes sensible content building. We shall be sending quality newsletters to your audience and cover many other such campaigns in web promotion of the blog.

One Way True Anchor Text Rich Natural Links from Social Bookmarking Sites:

Social Bookmarking

The entire Internet is buzzing with rich content and info from Social Bookmarking sites like digg, delicious, Netscape etc. You can take full advantage of this opportunity by utilizing our social bookmarking submission services. While we promise to deliver what we commit, we assure you best theme based latent semantic rich links towards your website. We charge $125 for 500 links from social bookmarking sites.

Social bookmarking is the practice of saving bookmarks to a public Web site and “tagging” them with keywords. Bookmarking, on the other hand, is the practice of saving the address of a Web site you wish to visit in the future on your computer.